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Payment News – August 2, 2012: Google Wallet, EMV Migration Forum, BarPay

By Martin Schuppelius

Google Wallet Upgrade Adds Multiple Cards Support

Google has released an updated version of its mobile wallet service. The Google Wallet app now supports all credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for online and in-store purchases. Google has also changed the way the card details are stored: instead of storing the payment data in the phones secure element, the new Google Wallet app stores the data on Google servers in the cloud. Read more…

The Smart Card Alliance Launches EMV Migration Forum to Bring Chip-based Payments to the U.S.

The Smart Card Alliance, a multi-industry association working to advance use and adoption of smart card technology, has created the EMV Migration Forum to support the move from magnetic stripe technology to EMV-based technology in the United States. EMV chip technology helps to reduce fraud from counterfeit, lost and stolen cards. Read more…

BarPay Starts Cash Payment System for Online Purchases in Germany

BarPay introduces a new cash based payment service for e-commerce in Germany. With BarPay consumers can pay in cash at retail POS terminals for goods and services they ordered online. Read more… (German)


Infographic: Will Mobile Commerce Overtake E-Commerce?

By Gary Merrett

(click to enlarge)

Source: BigCommerce Blog


European Square Rival iZettle Forced to Stop Accepting VISA in Denmark, Finland and Norway

By Martin Schuppelius

Mobile payment startup iZettle has to stop processing Visa card payments in Denmark, Finland and Norway where it currently trials its mobile card payment service. The company has released a statement on its official blog, announcing that Visa Europe is forcing iZettle to stop accepting Visa payments on August 1. iZettle will continue to accept MasterCard and AmEx in those countries.

Sweden-based iZettle provides a mobile payment service that enables merchants to accept credit card payments using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The company is often referred as the European version of Square. But unlike Square, iZettle reads the credit card data from the EMV-chip (the global standard for chip cards) rather than the magnetic stripe. iZettle started its mobile payment service in Sweden and is currently running an open beta in other Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland and Norway) and the United Kingdom. It’s noteworthy that iZettle never supported Visa payments in the U.K.  (more…)


Payment News – July 30, 2012: ViVOtech, Payvia, mPowa

By Martin Schuppelius

ViVOtech to Divest NFC-Reader Business

After NFC Times reported that NFC technology provider ViVOtech will discontinue operations, the company now officially confirms a drastic restructuring process. ViVOtech has released a statement, saying that the company plans to divest its reader business and focus on the software business. ViVOtech develops software and POS terminals for contactless NFC-based payments. Although the company has shipped almost 1 million NFC readers worldwide and is partnering with Google Wallet and ISIS it looks like ViVOtech is the first big victim of slow NFC adoption. Read more…

Payvia Launches Mobile Payment Service in the U.S.

Payvia has launched a new U.S. mobile payment platform that enables users to purchase digital goods and services from their mobile device and pay via their carrier bill. Payvia is part of carrier billing transaction network m-Qube. Currently, the direct carrier billing service is limited to customers of Sprint and T-Mobile. Read more…

MPowa Debuts Mobile Payment App for Android

UK-based mobile payment service mPowa is now also available for mobile phones using Google’s Android operating system. Android users can now download the mPowa mobile payment app from the Play Store to accept card payments on the go.


Paymentwall Launches HTML5 Mobile Payment Solution

By Martin Schuppelius

Paymentwall, a payment service provider specialized in digital content and virtual goods, has released a HTML5-based payment alternative to iTunes and Android based App markets. The new Paymentwall Mobile service enables developers to offer local payment options (such as: credit card, debit card, mobile, landline, prepaid, ATM, terminal, bank transfer, direct debit, offers …) to their customers in more than 200 countries.

Honor Gunday, Paymentwall CEO, commented “Although iTunes is a well executed, easy to use platform, the 30 percent fee the publishers need to swallow and the Western-oriented approach to monetizing only via credit card is not sustainable and HTML5 will emerge as the future of mobile application development.”

Paymentwall Mobile (click to enlarge)


Payment News – July 24, 2012: Adyen, iZettle, NFC Mobile Payment Market

By Martin Schuppelius

Adyen Report: iPad is the Market Leader in Mobile Payments

Payment service provider Adyen has published the findings of a payment analysis, showing that the worldwide share of mobile transaction has more than doubled from 3.6% in late 2011 to 8.4% in June 2012. For the study Adyen compared the number of payments that came from mobile devices with the number of total transactions processed. The figures show that 3.6% of all payments where completed using an iPad, with users spending 20% more on average than on other mobile devices. The iPhone comes in second with 3%, followed by Android devices with 1,5%. Read more…

iZettle Brings Mobile Card Payment to Android

iZettle is working on an Android version of its mobile card payment service. iZettle users in Sweden with an Samsung smartphone (compatible devices: Samsung Galaxy S II, S III, and the Galaxy Note) can sign up for an iZettle account to receive a free chip-card reader during the test period. iZettle for Android has the same features as the iZettle iOS version for iPhone. Unlike the chip-card reader for iPhone and iPad, the Android version plugs into the device’s audio jack. Read more…

iZettle for Android

NFC Mobile Payment Market to Reach $180B by 2017

According to the latest research report by Juniper Research the NFC retail payment market will exceed $180 billion worldwide by 2017, that’s more than a seven-fold increase over 2012. The report finds 2011 was the breaking point for NFC payments with major network operators committed to the NFC standard and the launch of new NFC-enabled smartphones. Read more…


Onebip Launches One-Click Payment Feature for Mobile Commerce

By Martin Schuppelius

Onebip, the mobile payment arm of Neomobile, adds a new one-click purchase feature to its mobile payment solution Onebip Mobile Browser. Using the one-click payment service, users can pay for digital goods and services with a single click on the Onebip icon.

Mobile payment service Onebip was acquired by mobile commerce company Neomobile in March 2011. Onebip’s Mobile Browser payment service provides an optimized payment flow for mobile devices and is available in over 70 countries. The new one-click payment feature enables users to buy digital goods with a single click, without having to enter their mobile number, pin code or password. Onebip uses a secure process to recognize the user’s phone number and authenticate the user. The purchase is then charged directly to the user’s mobile phone bill.

Massimiliano Silenzi, Head of Onebip, commented: “Merchants, publishers and content providers at last have a simple, secure, single-click mobile purchasing solution. No PIN codes, no passwords, no SMS confirmation, and no need to pre-register for an account – with Onebip, you literally click to buy with one touch on your mobile phone or tablet.”


MyTaxi Launches Mobile Taxi Payment Service in Germany

By Martin Schuppelius

Hamburg-based startup myTaxi has introduced a mobile payment solution for its taxi app that connects passengers and taxi drivers, making conventional taxi dispatch services obsolete. From now on myTaxi passengers can use the myTaxi app to order a taxi and pay for the journey.

The myTaxi founders Niclas Mewes and Sven Külper point out that their solution is the first mobile payment system that works without relying on additional hardware such as an external dongle, NFC-tags or QR-codes. “With myTaxi Payment, from now on, passengers will be able to travel by taxi without needing cash. They simply pay both cardless and cashless“, commented Mewes.

In order to use myTaxi, users have to download the myTaxi app. If they want to use the mobile payment feature they have to enter their payment details as well. MyTaxi is working with PayPal and payment service provider Wirecard to provide the payment service. The cab driver has to pay a 3.9% fee + €0.21 for each successful myTaxi journey – there is no extra charge for the passenger.


G&D Presents NFC-enabled Sticker for Mobile Payment

By Gary Merrett

Germany-based technology provider for the banking industry Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) has developed a sticker for mobile phones, enabling contactless payment even if the device itself is not NFC-enabled. The Deutsche Genossenschafts-Verlag is supplying the new technology to the banks as part of a trial conducted by the cooperative financial group.

The sticker was developed for the German market. It runs on the Secure Chip Card Operating System (SECCOS), and fully meets the specifications of the German banking industry. G&D’s payment sticker is certified for MasterCard PayPass, allowing users to use the existing contactless payment infrastructure with more than 350,000 PayPass Terminals in 37 countries worldwide. Depending on the requirements of the issuing bank, the stickers can be configured as prepaid, debit, or credit cards.


Payment News – July 18, 2012: PayPal,, MasterCard Business Network, Openbucks

By Martin Schuppelius

PayPal Acquires Visual Credit Card Scanner

PayPal has acquired, a startup that enables developers to capture credit card data using the build-in camera of a smartphone. With, customers don’t have to enter their card information manually; it is retrieved automatically when the customer holds its card in front of the phones camera. The companies already had a close relation before the acquisition,’s technology is powering the new PayPal Here product. Read more…

MasterCard Launches MasterCard Business Network for Small and Mid-Size Business

MasterCard is partnering with Rearden Commerce to launch the MasterCard Business Network site, a platform that helps small and medium sized business to manage and record their expenses. The platform is powered by Rearden Commerce’s Deem network that connects buyers and sellers across various industries. The MasterCard Business Network service is currently in beta status, a mobile app for Android, iPhone or Blackberry devices will be released soon. Read more…

Gift Card Payment Network Openbucks Raises $4.8 Million

Openbucks has closed $4.8 million in a funding round led by Yahoo co-founder, Jerry Yang. The Openbucks gift-card payment network allows consumers who don’t have credit cards or a bank account (or who prefer to keep their banking details private) to buy goods and service online. The company will use the investment to support its growth plans and increase its acceptance network. Read more…