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Payment News – June 5, 2012: ZooZ, Intuit QuickBooks and GoPayment, Carlisle & Gallagher

By Martin Schuppelius

Mobile Payment: ZooZ Upgrades to HTML5

Mobile payment company ZooZ has released a HTML5 Version of its In-App payment service. The company provides an easy to integrate mobile payment solution for not only virtual but physical goods. The latest version of ZooZ’s solution now supports HTML5 apps, making it easy for developers to monetize multiple platforms via one solution. Read more…

Mobile Payment: Intuit Merges QuickBooks POS and GoPayment

While Square extends is retail availability, payment giant Intuit is combining its traditional point-of-sale (POS) software QuickBooks POS with its mobile card payment solution GoPayment into one platform. Intuit has been in the POS market for more then a decade and launched GoPayment back in 2009 (that’s even before the first appearance of Square). The integration of GoPayment with QuickBooks is an important step to create a full-service solution for smaller merchants. Read more…

Research Findings: 8 in 10 Customers Would use PayPal for Banking Services

According to a study from Carlisle & Gallagher on mobile wallets, traditional financial institutions are at risk of losing market share to alternative payers such as PayPal, Google or Apple. The study finds that customers interested in mobile wallets consider using alternative players for financial services. If PayPal offered mobile wallet and banking services, 8 in 10 customers would use it. Read more…


Payment News – May 23, 2012: Intuit, MyBank, Unwire

By Martin Schuppelius

Mobile Payment: Unwire Launches Mobile Ticketing App

Scandinavian software company Unwire has released a mobile ticketing app for iOS and Android devices. The app lets customers buy tickets for the metro, bus or train in the city area of Copenhagen (Denmark) via their smartphone or tablet. The ticket price is automatically deducted from the credit card that is registered with the app. Read more…

Intuit Survey: Small Businesses not Accepting Cards Miss $100B in Annual Sales

According to a survey by financial services company Intuit, 55% of the 27 million small businesses in the U.S. do not accept credit cards. Intuit estimates that each of these business misses approximately $7,000 in sales annually, adding up to more than $100 billion in lost revenue. Read more…

Online Payment: MyBank Pilot to Start in June 2012

EBA CLEARING, the operator of the pan-European clearing and settlement service STEP2 SEPA, has announced to launch a trial of its MyBank service in June 2012. MyBank is an online banking-based payment method to pay for purchases made on the Internet. The service allows customers to pay for online purchases via their online banking environment. MyBank looks much like a pan-European version of national online banking based services such as iDEAL in the Netherlands or Giropay in Germany. Read more…


Infographic: Mobile Payment – The Future of Mobile Commerce

By Gary Merrett

Intuit, a California-based company specialized in financial software and related services has put together a nice Infographic on mobile payment trends and the future of mobile shopping. Enjoy!



Intuit’s Mobile Credit Card Reader GoPayment to Launch in Canada

By Martin Schuppelius

Intuit today announced that its mobile GoPayment service, a credit card reader and a mobile credit card app for smartphones, will be available in Canada soon. For Intuit the launch in Canada is the first step of providing its GoPayment service on a global level. In addition, Intuit presented an updated version of its card reader.

The new GoPayment card reader will be available in both the U.S. and Canada. According to the company, the new design will prevent the reader from moving when swiping a card so that the card is read accurately the first time. In Canada, GoPayment will initially only be compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, although the reader is compatible with Android devices as well.

With the expansion to Canada Intuit is one step ahead of its main competitor Square which offers a similar service in the U.S. “We’re taking two big steps forward today: announcing GoPayment in Canada, and releasing a new and improved card reader,” commented Chris Hylen, Vice President and General Manager of Intuit’s Payment Solutions division. “This is part of our strategy to offer GoPayment internationally and to innovate in ways that make it easier for our customers, in all markets, to never miss a sale.”


Intuit Launches GoPayment Prepaid Visa Card

By Martin Schuppelius

Intuit has announced to launch a prepaid Visa card, making it easier for small merchants to receive payments. The GoPayment Card is intended for smaller businesses and individuals who don’t have a business bank account and still want to separate the money they make with GoPayment from their personal finances.

The prepaid Visa card is a part of Intuit’s mobile payment service GoPayment. It expands Intuit’s strategy beyond processing credit cards on a mobile device to offering a Visa prepaid account. The GoPayment Card has no signup or recurring fees and includes one free ATM cash withdrawal and one transfer of funds to a bank account each month. Chris Hylen, vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Payment Solutions division said: “The GoPayment Card adds new value to those using GoPayment. In addition to helping them get paid, we’re helping them make payments.”


Mobile Payment And Digital Wallet – The Future of Payments (Infographic)

By Gary Merrett

With increasing availability of smartphones and mobile internet, new payment methods are emerging. Mobile payments and digital wallets are one of the hot topics these days. Will new payment methods replace cash and the traditional credit card payments?

Earlier today, Intuit published an infographic exploring new payment methods finding that over time online and mobile payments are expected to replace traditional credit card payments. According to Intuit, only one in four U.S. customer is willing to pay for goods and services using a mobile phone. The infographic reveals that security concerns are the main obstacle to mobile payment adoption.

click to enlarge


Intuit and AT&T Collaborate to Offer Mobile Credit Card Processing to Small Businesses

By Martin Schuppelius

The two companies join forces to offer Intuit GoPayment for AT&T, a service that enables small businesses to process credit or debit card payments using a smart phone or tablet. Intuit GoPayment for AT&T comes with automatic signup and pre-approval for the majority of AT&T customers. It will be available at AT&T’s nationwide small business sales force and call centers.

The California-based company Intuit is specialized in financial software and related services for small businesses and individuals. The company is mostly known for its personal finance software Quicken. GoPayment is Inuit’s solution for the rapidly growing mobile payments market. It directly syncs transactions with QuickBooks, a financial software that is used by 4 million users in the US. With GoPayment, small business can process credit and debit card payments without purchasing additional hardware using the existing mobile devices. Instead of entering the card data manually, the card reader can be used to swipe credit and debit cards. The app is offered for free for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices, along with one free credit card reader. The basic service offers pay-as-you-go pricing without a monthly fee at 2.7 percent discount rate for swiped transactions.

Chris Hylen, vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Payment Solutions division commented: “By teaming up with AT&T, we’re getting GoPayment into the hands of even more small businesses. Now they too can easily and affordably process credit cards and get paid on the spot, which in this tough economy means increased cash flow and more repeat business.”

Check out the video below to see how Intuit GoPayment works: