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Payment News – June 5, 2012: ZooZ, Intuit QuickBooks and GoPayment, Carlisle & Gallagher

By Martin Schuppelius

Mobile Payment: ZooZ Upgrades to HTML5

Mobile payment company ZooZ has released a HTML5 Version of its In-App payment service. The company provides an easy to integrate mobile payment solution for not only virtual but physical goods. The latest version of ZooZ’s solution now supports HTML5 apps, making it easy for developers to monetize multiple platforms via one solution. Read more…

Mobile Payment: Intuit Merges QuickBooks POS and GoPayment

While Square extends is retail availability, payment giant Intuit is combining its traditional point-of-sale (POS) software QuickBooks POS with its mobile card payment solution GoPayment into one platform. Intuit has been in the POS market for more then a decade and launched GoPayment back in 2009 (that’s even before the first appearance of Square). The integration of GoPayment with QuickBooks is an important step to create a full-service solution for smaller merchants. Read more…

Research Findings: 8 in 10 Customers Would use PayPal for Banking Services

According to a study from Carlisle & Gallagher on mobile wallets, traditional financial institutions are at risk of losing market share to alternative payers such as PayPal, Google or Apple. The study finds that customers interested in mobile wallets consider using alternative players for financial services. If PayPal offered mobile wallet and banking services, 8 in 10 customers would use it. Read more…


ZooZ Launches In-App Mobile Payment Solution

By Martin Schuppelius

Mobile payment startup ZooZ just launched its mobile payment SDK for Android and iOS. The company provides an easy to integrate mobile payment solution for app developers.

After integration with the ZooZ SDK, developers can offer a mobile wallet that aggregates various payment sources, such as credit cards and PayPal. The service is available in over 150 countries worldwide at competitive rates: ZooZ charges a fee of 2.8% + $0.19 for each successful transaction.

Here is how it works:

ZooZ payment flow

ZooZ was founded in 2010 by former VeriSign engineers and is based in Israel. We had the chance to have a Q&A with Oren Levy, Co-Founder & CEO of ZooZ:

Payment Observer: ZooZ has been testing the mobile payment SDKs in beta program for 3 month. What was the feedback you got?

Oren Levy: We’ve had an extensive and successful beta program, with hundreds of app developers from around the world. Their feedback was very positive – they commended the ease of integration, improved conversion rates, a hassle free payment process for their users and patent-pending security features.

Payment Observer: What are the main advantages of ZooZ compared to other mobile payment solutions?

Oren Levy: There are several advantages to our solution, among them:

  • Quick and hassle free integration – Only 3 lines of code are needed to start accepting payments in the app
  • Faster mobile checkout experience – No user registration required; no need to install a 3rd party app
  • Multiple payment options – Being the only open payment platform on the market, we offer multiple payment options for increased conversion rates – such as credit cards, PayPal, additional eWallets and soon carrier billing
  • Global offering – Unlike other solutions, we allow merchants and app developers in over 150 countries to quickly and easily generate new monetization channels.

Payment Observer: Is ZooZ also addressing developers that sell digital goods?

Oren Levy: Absolutely. Both physical and digital goods markets present a great opportunity for app developers and merchants, and we’re happy to help our community tap the $10b mCommerce market, and start monetizing today.